Wijnstraat 96 C & D

Centrum, Rotterdam

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Seize this unique opportunity to grow your business in a cool 240m² office space, located on the second floor of the prestigious Coloniahuis at Wijnstraat 96 C/D, on a prime location in the heart of the city. An icon of post-war architecture, the Colonia House combines historical allure with a contemporary feel, providing an inspiring working environment.

Location and accessibility:
The Coloniahuis is in an ideal location, beautifully situated between the bustling city centre and the dynamic Wijnhaveneiland. The Beurs and Blaak metro stations are just a 5-minute walk away, ensuring excellent accessibility by public transport. This proximity to major transport hubs makes Colonia House a perfect choice for businesses that value convenience and accessibility.

Layout and amenities:
- A generous office space of approximately 230 m² on the second floor. The space is flexible in its layout; with the exception of the walls next to the stairwell and near the toilets, you can easily create additional rooms or extend existing spaces. If required, we will remove the partition walls (except those near the stairwell and toilets) for you. A unique advantage: the office has two entrances from the stairwell, providing extra flexibility in how you use the space.
 - The carpeting you see in the photos can be removed if desired, under which a concrete floor with an industrial look is hidden.
 - Several storage rooms in the building's basement are optionally available for rent.
 - Shared bicycle storage on the ground floor.
 - Pantry with close-in boiler, fridge and dishwasher.*
 - Toilet group with 2 toilets.
 - Radiators/heating via district heating.
- Private storage in the basement of ca. 10 m². The basement is accessible by the stairways or the elevator.
 *Starred facilities do not belong to the leased property and may be used by the tenant free of charge. Repair, maintenance or replacement are the responsibility of the tenant.

Zoning and use:
- According to the Waterstad zoning plan, the leased property is zoned "Centrum 1".
 - In accordance with the zoning plan, the leased property can be used as: office or for social facilities such as education, religion and healthcare.

- Rent: € 2,875 per month excl. VAT.
 - Service costs in advance: € 850,- per month excl. VAT, including the advance payment for heat, electricity and water.
- VAT: 21% sales tax is due on the rent and any service costs, with the possibility of untaxed leasing against payment of a VAT compensation to be determined.
- Lease period: both a flexible and long-term lease is possible.
- Notice period: twelve months, shorter periods are negotiable.
- Security deposit: equal to three times the monthly payment obligation.
- Lease agreement: based on the most recent ROZ model.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a viewing. A business space to enjoy awaits you!
Tobias Werner


Tobias Werner



+31 6 12 32 84 66

I value the freedom to do what's right, not having to do what yields the most profit right now, but what's best in the long run. Continuously improving, both as a company and as an individual, energizes me. In my free time, I'm primarily a father, I ride my motorcycle along the Moselle, and I find relaxation through the Wim Hof Method. Fun fact: I'm frustrated that, in my early 30s, I still don't have a beard!




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€ 2.875 p.m.


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Office space


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