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Knowledge base for investors

Welcome! Whether you're taking your first steps in the world of investments or managing an extensive portfolio, this knowledge base is ready to provide you with clear, actionable insights into the rental and management of residential and commercial real estate.

Prevent financial damage with thorough pre- and final-inspections of homes.

As a real estate investor, you naturally prefer your tenants to leave their property in good condition without any damage. However, it's not uncommon for damage to be discovered upon a tenant's departure. And then, it can be a challenging and costly process to recover the damages from the tenant.
To prevent these issues, conducting thorough pre- and post-inspections is crucial.

The liberalization threshold from January 1, 2024! Take advantage of it as an investor.

The liberalization threshold for rental properties seems to increase from €808.06 to €879.66 starting on January 1, 2024. This means that for properties that were considered liberalized with 136 points before December 31, 2023, you will need as many as 148 points starting from January 1, 2024. This could lead to many properties unexpectedly falling into the social sector at the turn of the year. Additionally, the WOZ (property valuation) value will also change on January 1, which could affect the point calculation for the property

Service costs for residential properties: What rules apply and is there a difference between the liberal sector and social housing?

As a rental agent and property manager, we often see that service charges are unjustly passed on to tenants, such as costs for elevator maintenance or an Owners' Association (VvE) contribution. Incorrect calculation of service charges can have adverse consequences for owners. Did you know that tenants can reclaim unjustly paid service charges up to 5 years later? But where is it specified which costs can be passed on, and what are the differences between liberalized (private sector) and social rental properties?

What is the allowed rent increase in 2024?

Every year, there are new maximum percentages and amounts for rent increases, with specific rules for both social rented and free sector properties. These are the rules for rent increases in 2024.

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