introductie werken bij perfect rent


“If the company is good for its people, the people are good for the company.” - Tobias Werner, owner of Perfectrent

We set the bar high. For the performance we require from you, but also for what we want to do for you as a company. Here is a glimpse of what it is like to work with us.


The company consists of its people. We therefore believe that we improve mainly through their input. We therefore regularly discuss points for development together.

We organize the work in such a way that everyone contributes as much as possible to the result. We keep work processes with one person instead of continuously transferring them.

We want you to understand the customer well. This way you can make the right decisions from within yourself and create the most value for the customer. That is why we work with set customers per colleague where this is possible.

You know where our journey is going, we share results with you and celebrate successes together. Central to this are the value we can deliver to customers and the pleasure we experience in our work.


Working in a structured and efficient way:

“We just do whatever” doesn’t exist for us. We have manuals for all recurring tasks. In addition, we have modern IT systems for a high level of overview and automation. This structure gives you the space for extra attention in the rest of the work.



We support you continuously with coaching, both at team level but also one on one. You always keep learning. Knowledge (sharing) is one of our core values ​​for a reason.


Personal development:

We want you to be completely in the right place. If you are ready for change or want to grow career wise, we are happy to help you. Within the existing department or in another branch of our company.


Your manager:

Your manager facilitates you, so that you can perform excellently. The contact is accessible and there is always room for discussion. You learn from the manager, but he also learns from you.



Colleagues are helpful and in for a good laugh. They are committed to the company and driven by their work. Due to our diversity, we complement each other well. We regularly plan drinks or events. How about The WipeOut or the Horror Escape Room? We enjoy lunch together whenever possible - gezellig!



In addition to working hard and concentrated, there is also plenty of laughing and relaxing at the office . We have sit-stand desks, ergonomic office chairs, large curved screens, powerful computers and good headsets. Need concentration? Grab one of our two silent workstations. Need to clear your head? Take an afternoon nap in the hammock or challenge your colleagues with table tennis or pinball. Or how about a walk around the lake Kralingse Plas?





We work with owners who strive for “good landlordship”. They expect a high level of service and are often involved in their real estate. If you are fit for the job, they are wonderful parties to work with. Because most landlords have several properties, you can build personal relationships with them. Chocolate cakes are regularly delivered by satisfied customers.



There is always plenty to do in the rental and real estate management sector, often with deadlines and ad hoc challenges. You handle everything from A to Z, you have direct customer contact and often have to combine different interests. Since we want to deliver as much value for customers as possible, it can get quite busy. It is therefore essential that you are highly resistant to stress, can organize well and that you keep looking after yourself.


Terms of employment:

We work with transparent terms of employment. So you know what your colleagues earn and vice versa. We also work with fixed salary scales, depending on your qualifications and the salary is increased with the inflation every year.

Because good work should be rewarded, our salaries are above average for comparable positions. In addition, we work with a bonus at team level when we achieve our quarterly targets.

We work with a pension scheme, in which two thirds are deposited by the employer and one third by the employee. We invest the maximum for tax purposes subsidized amount.

We have flexible working hours and working from home is possible. Our partnership is based on trust. So you can decide when you work, as long as the result is there. Taking the children to the doctor? A hairdresser's appointment in the middle of the day? Working from home some of your time? No problem at all. Who is your employer to determine where and when you do your job best?

We have 30 vacation days. You are free in deciding when to take these, if you take into account the vacation schedules of your colleagues and the workload. Deciding on a Wednesday that you want to take a long weekend on Texel? That’s fine, as long as you get the job done.

We insure sick leave and long-term incapacity for work. In the unlikely event that you become ill for a long time, you will not be a burden for our company. We also have insurance that covers you after the first 2 years of incapacity for work.

We normally work with an one year contract, followed by a permanent contract.


Tips for applying:

  • Use code word “Perfectwork” in your application. That way we will know that you have read what it is like to get started with us.
  • Do we currently have no vacancies? Feel free to send an open application.