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Commercial letting

Renting out your commercial real estate with confidence: prevent vacancies and attract reliable tenants

Are you looking for a reliable partner to rent out your commercial properties? Here's what you can expect from us:

  • Preventing vacancies: We minimize vacancies with thoughtful rental advice and a proactive approach.
  • Reliable tenants: We ensure the quality of tenants through thorough screening.
  • Collaborative partner: We're here to assist, whether it's about sharp negotiations or a watertight legal process.
  • Proven track record: Trust our experience in real estate rental since 2010, backed by more than 500 excellent reviews.

Discover the added value of Perfect Rent when renting out your commercial spaces, whether they are offices, industrial premises, or other types of commercial real estate.

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What our customers say

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Commercial real estate broker in Rotterdam and surrounding areas

We specialize in renting various types of commercial real estate in Rotterdam and neighboring municipalities such as Schiedam, Capelle a/d IJssel, and Dordrecht. Our properties range from 10 to 10,000 square meters and include:

  • Office spaces, both multi-tenant and single-tenant
  • Retail spaces
  • Commercial properties, storage spaces, and logistics real estate
  • Social real estate

Our pool of potential tenants primarily consists of those looking for long-term occupancy.

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Minimal vacancy

Since 2010, we've learned in the rental of residential properties how crucial it is to act swiftly. In residential real estate a property should be re-rented within a month, and months of vacancy are unthinkable. This agility is embedded in our DNA, and we apply it in the rental of commercial properties as well.

With us, you have one dedicated point of contact for the rental of your commercial property, keeping communication lines short and resulting in a smooth rental process. If, for any reason, the rental process faces difficulties, we review the rental strategy monthly with you to find the best solution

Maximum visibility for your commercial real estate

Your real estate deserves attention. We put it in the spotlight:

  • Companies that have created a search profile with us
  • FundaInBusiness
  • (optional)
  • Banners

Through our partners, you gain access to the full range of media, including:

  • Videos
  • (3D) floor plans
  • Artist impressions
  • Virtual tours
  • Drone shoots
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Sharp negotiations and thorough screening

We evaluate lease proposals and candidates as if we were investors ourselves. This means we ask critical questions such as:

  • Are incentives truly necessary?
  • Is the tenant financially stable in the long term?

Thorough screening of potential commercial real estate tenants not only prevents financial issues but also illegal activities on your property. Therefore, we engage in conversations with tenants to understand their business model, analyze their annual financial statements, and verify them with external accountants. Only when we believe it's a wise deal, do we recommend it to you.

Choose Perfect Rent

Legally strong

With us, you can be confident in legally sound contracts. We proactively advise you on matters such as lease terms, service charges, and special provisions. In exceptional situations, we have our external lawyer double-check the contract. Furthermore, all our contracts undergo internal review through the four-eyes principle to identify and avoid any errors in a timely manner.

Even after the contract is signed, we're here to support you as a legal sparring partner. With our years of experience in leasing and managing commercial real estate, we can provide valuable advice.

Clear inspections

At Perfect Rent, we ensure a clear beginning and end to each lease agreement through meticulous inspections. You'll receive an inspection report from us, complete with a detailed photo report that clearly shows the condition of the commercial property. We also establish clear agreements regarding the takeover of inventory and maintenance responsibilities. This provides both you and the tenant with clarity and helps prevent unnecessary disputes.

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Fee for successfully renting your commercial real estate

For the successful rental of a commercial space, we charge a one-time fee of 16% exclusive of VAT on the annual rent based on a 'no cure, no pay' basis. In addition, the following services are charged at cost price:

  • Photography/videography, drone shoots, and artist impressions
  • Floor plans, including virtual reality options
  • Rental banners
  • Placement costs on external websites, such as FundaInBusiness

We also offer the option of a shared rental process, where we charge a fee of 8% of the annual rent if the property is rented out by a colleague broker.

Step-by-step plan

1. Introduction

We love getting to know you! After a telephonic introduction, we discuss your wishes and meet in person to explore how we can be of service to you.

2. Tailor-made rental strategy

After receiving your business property, you'll get a rental strategy including tips to enhance its appeal. We'll discuss the terms of lease that best fit your situation.

3. Marketing

We write an engaging advertisement text and take professional photos to create a broad exposure. Want more? We handle virtual tours, videos, and banners. Within 3 working days, your business space goes online on all relevant platforms to catch the attention of potential renters.

4. Tenant selection

We visit your business space with potential renters and screen them thoroughly to find a reliable tenant. If there's a risk of rental void, we collaborate on action plans to prevent it.

5. Proposal and introduction

Once we find a suitable tenant, you'll receive a proposal with the terms and conditions. Upon request, we can arrange a pleasant introduction between you and the tenant. We'll also prepare the lease agreement for your approval.

6. Handover

We take care of the handover of the business space to the new tenant and provide a detailed inspection report with more than 100 photos. Before the handover, you receive the first rent and security deposit. Enjoy your new tenant!

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Do you also want to enjoy minimal vacancy and reliable tenants?

With us, you can count on reliable tenants and minimal vacancy. With our experience since 2010 in rental brokerage and more than 500 excellent reviews, we are a proven partner.
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