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How we work

Rent your new home or commercial space with ease

Are you looking for a new home or a place for your business in Rotterdam? Perfect Rent is here for you. We make the rental process simple and straightforward.

Be the first to know with a search profile. Don't want to miss any offers? Quickly and at no cost, create a search profile on our website. This way, you'll receive immediate notifications when there's available listings that match your preferences.

Discover the best neighborhoods with our area guide. Rotterdam is diverse, and we help you find the neighborhood that suits you. Whether you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city or prefer a quieter environment, our area guide will point the way.

Step-by-step plan

1. Scheduling a viewing

If you are interested in one of our properties or commercial spaces, please send an email to or respond to the advertisement. We schedule all viewings via email to clearly inform everyone

2. Rental proposal and screening

When you find a property or commercial space that suits you, we would like to discuss the rental conditions with you. After signing the intent declaration and tenant screening, we present you to the owner. With us, you are assured of a fair rental process, where you are never selected based on nationality, religion, or perceived safety risk.

3. Rental agreement

With us, you can sign the rental agreement easily digitally. This gives you the freedom to calmly go through everything and ask questions before signing. We ensure that our rental agreements are clear. They are based on the widely used ROZ models and fully comply with current laws and regulations.


4. Handover

At the handover, we check if everything is to your satisfaction and create an inspection report with photos. This way, both you and the landlord are well informed about the state of the rented property and any defects can be quickly addressed. From now on you can enjoy your new space!

Income requirements

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With, you can easily and securely share your financial information. You log in to websites like the Tax Authorities and UWV where your data is stored. Then, you can review the data and send it to us through the app. Because the data is already verified, you don't need to send anything via email, ensuring the security of your information. We confirm our access to the report of to the landlord but do not forward your data to keep it protected. All your data will be deleted after 60 days.

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