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Resolving issues in your rental home or commercial space

Experiencing an issue in your rental home or commercial space? Don't worry! Our self-help guide for rental property tenants provides quick and practical solutions for the most common issues. With simple steps and tips, you can address common problems yourself – quickly and without additional costs. And if you need assistance, we're here to support you.

Maintenance: What the tenant does and what the landlord does

As a tenant, your responsibilities include:

  • Handling simple tasks, such as replacing light bulbs and lubricating hinges. The specific tasks covered by this responsibility are defined by the Small Repairs Decree set by the legislator.
  • Maintaining items that you have installed yourself.
  • Covering damages you have caused, excluding normal wear and tear.

For all other maintenance, including major repairs or tasks requiring professional expertise, we as the landlord take care of them. Please note that different conditions may apply in commercial properties, as specified in your rental agreement.

If you have any doubts or prefer to have the work done by a professional, feel free to contact us; we are here to assist you.

Here's how to resolve the most common issues

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