Prevent financial damage with thorough pre- and final-inspections of homes.

As a real estate investor, you naturally prefer your tenants to leave their property in good condition without any damage. However, it's not uncommon for damage to be discovered upon a tenant's departure. And then, it can be a challenging and costly process to recover the damages from the tenant.
To prevent these issues, conducting thorough pre- and post-inspections is crucial.


A thorough pre-inspection is conducted immediately after the tenant gives notice to terminate the lease. During this inspection, all technical risks are assessed, and any repairs that the tenant must make are documented. This may include things like loose caulk in the shower or repainting the walls. By conducting this pre-inspection, you, as an investor, are legally protected in case there is damage. If no pre-inspection is carried out, you can only charge the tenant for costs they would have incurred themselves. This means you can charge for the cost of white paint but not for the painter's labor.

Final inspection

During the final inspection, all keys are returned, and another thorough inspection is conducted. This inspection records any potential damages, including taking over 100 photos of the property. By performing this final inspection, you, as an investor, will know exactly what damage the tenant has left behind and what damage occurred later. This can be crucial in case of a legal dispute. If no final inspection is conducted, it may result in the rejection of your damage claim.

Benefits of pre- and final inspections

Conducting thorough pre- and final inspections offers several advantages for investors. You can charge the tenant responsible for the damage for the repairs needed. Additionally, these inspections allow you to address minor damages more quickly and prevent larger damages. With clear photos and a description of complaints, you can also communicate efficiently with contractors.

Want to protect yourself against potential tenant damage?

Then have comprehensive pre- and final inspections conducted by a meticulous party. At Perfect Rent, we are happy to take care of the inspections for you, so you don't have to directly confront the tenant and are legally protected to the fullest extent.

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