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The first step is to subscribe on our website. With the free subscribtion you let us know about your wishes and we can start to mediate a new home for you. Once subscribed, we will keep you informed about suitable places coming available.

Have a viewing or rent online

Once you spotted an intersting offer we can arrange a viewing. During the viewing we will guide you through the room or apartment and answer all your questions. Alternatively you may also rent online. We can then provide you with additional photos and supplementary information to help you make your choice. 

Make a reservation

When you made your choice, we will provide an overview of the relevant renting conditions and discuss possible points of negotiation with you. You can then reserve your new home against the prepayment of one month rent and are asked to send us scans of your personal documents, such as your passport and a proof of your studies or employment. 

Sign your contract

After all necesarry documents are received and have been approved by the landlord, we will set up the rental agreement for you. When signing your rental agreement the remaining amounts such as the first month rent and the deposit have to be paid. 

Receive your keys and get settled

As final step we are pleased to hand over the keys to you. With the handover, we will also set up an inspection report with photos of your new home and make sure everything is in order. 

De Kosten

Our compensation

Renting with us is entirely free for tenants.

The deposit

You are usually required to pay a deposit equal to one or two months rent as a security to the landlord. This amount will be returned after you have moved out again and left the place in good condition. 

Note that if you are a student without a guarantor living in the Netherlands, you might be asked for a higher deposit. 

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