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The first step is to register yourself for free on our website. Once registered, you can start with viewings and we keep you informed about suitable offers.

Perfectrent stands for quality properties. Our offers vary. You can rent a room, studio, apartment or villa in and around Rotterdam with us. Our accommodations are rented in shell, decorated or furnished condition.


You view suitable properties with one of our colleagues. Most of the time, it is possible to have a viewing after office hours and during the weekend.

Alternatively you can also rent a property online with us.


Once you chose a property, we provide you an overview of the renting conditions and discuss possible points of negotiation. You can reserve the property with a prepayment of one month rent. For the definite approval of the landlord we need a number of documents, as your proof of identity and income.


After the landlord has given his approval, we set up the rental agreement. You receive a concept beforehand with an English translation so we can answer possible questions. During the signing, the first month rent and the security deposit need to be paid (the prepayment is substracted). Besides, we arrange the utility contracts for you free of charge.


With the receipt your keys we check if the property is handed over according to your wishes and set up an inspection report with photos. 

Enjoy your new home!


Our compensation

Renting with us is free of charge. There are no registration fees, contract costs of administrative charges. Nothing at all!

The security Deposit

In general, a deposit of one or two months rent needs to be paid. The deposit serves as security for the landlord and will be returned after leaving the property in good condition.  

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