What is the allowed rent increase in 2024?

Every year, there are new maximum percentages and amounts for rent increases, with specific rules for both social rented and free sector properties. These are the rules for rent increases in 2024.

2024 rent increase for social housing

  1. Maximum 5.8% for a bare rent of €300 per month or more.
  2. A fixed increase of up to €25 for a bare rent below €300 per month.


Income-dependent rent increase 2024

To discourage skewed living, the bare rent for social housing may be further increased depending on the tenant's income:

  1. Single household: Total €50 per month for income from €52,753 and €100 per month for income from €62,191.
  2. Multi-person household: Total €50 per month on income from €61,046 and €100 per month on income from €82,921.

The income for 2022 is used as the basis for the rent increase in 2024, retrievable via an income indicator from the Tax Office.


Rent increase 2024 for rooms, caravans and pitches

  1. Until 1 July 2024, the basic rent may be increased by 3.1%.
  2. From 1 July 2024, the bare rent may be increased by a maximum of 5.8%.

No income-related rent increase is possible for rooms, caravans and pitches.


Good to know

  • The bare rent of social housing may not exceed the maximum bare rent according to the Housing Rating System.
  • Landlords must comply with certain rules for announcing rent increases. For example, the announcement must reach the tenant at least two months before the effective date to be legally valid.


2024 rent increase for free sector/liberalised properties

  1. A maximum rent increase of 5.5% is allowed until May 2024.
  2. The maximum rent increase allowed from May 2024 is not yet known.


Good to know

  • For free sector homes, unlike social rented homes, rent increases do not have to be announced two months in advance; there is no minimum notice period.
  • It is agreed in the rental agreement how the rent increase will be calculated. It is usually based on the CPI plus a certain mark-up percentage. If the increase according to the rental agreement is lower than the maximum percentage allowed by law, the percentage from the rental agreement applies.


Do you have questions about rent increases?

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