Prins Hendrikkade


€ 1.890,- incl.
Suitable for
1 - 2 persons
Available from
Contract term
6-6 months
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Need temporary accommodation for 6 months? Then we have good news for you! We have the perfect accommodations that combines the flexibility of a short stay with the comfort of a fully furnished apartment. We are proud to present the transformation project 'De Hendrik' on the desirable Noordereiland, where 93 shortstay properties will be available.

Whether you are a professional moving to the city for a project, a student in need of a temporary place, or just someone who likes the freedom of a short stay, these shortstay accommodations are the ideal solution for you. With these accommodations, you don't have to worry about furniture or amenities. Each accommodation is finished to a high standard, tastefully decorated and fully equipped with modern appliances, so you can enjoy your new home immediately. The spacious layouts provide plenty of living space, while the stylish furnishings create a warm and inviting atmosphere. In addition, 'De Hendrik' has an internal, shared bicycle storage area and a cozy, shared courtyard garden.

Discover the enchantment of the Noordereiland, also known as ‘Montmartre on the Maas river’. A charming and picturesque island surrounded by the Maas river, with characteristic bridges, scenic streets and breathtaking views. Enjoy the mix of architecture, trendy restaurants and green oases, while being in the vibrant center of Rotterdam within minutes.

The accommodations
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‘De Hendrik’ has eleven 3-room accommodations of type B4 which are located from the ground floor to the third floor. The surfaces vary between 88m² and 96m² and they are partially furnished. This means they have PVC flooring, finished walls with glass fleece wallpaper, finished ceilings, window coverings and furniture. We have added a small impression of the accommodations and furniture style to the advertisement photos. Color combinations are subject to change.
The modern kitchen is fully equipped with a refrigerator with freezer compartment, combination microwave oven, induction cooktop, hood and dishwasher. In the bathroom you will enjoy the luxury of a double sink, a spacious shower and a lovely bathtub while the toilet is located separately in the accommodation. In addition, the accommodations have energy labels A, A+, A++ en A+++ and some accommodations have a private external storage room in addition to an internal storage room.

- The monthly all-in price for these accommodations is between approximately € 1.890,- and € 1.915,-. The costs for water, electricity, internet and TV, among others, are included in this all-in price.
- There is a fixed period of 6 months from the effective date.
- The deposit is once the monthly all-in price.
- Sharing accommodation with a friend is not allowed in ‘De Hendrik’. Use by 2 persons is only possible for couples.
- Applying for rent allowance is not possible.
- Smoking is not allowed in the accommodations.
- Pets are not permitted.

Income requirements
Income requirement employed/self-employed persons:
- Gross (joint) monthly income of 2,5 times the all-in price.

Guarantors are not allowed for employed/self-employed persons. You must meet the stated income requirement independently or jointly.

Income requirement students:
- This accommodation is suitable for students.
- Dutch students can qualify with a guarantor.
- International students may qualify only with an increased deposit equal to 2 months the all-in price.

Income requirement guarantors for students:
- Living or working in the Netherlands.
- Sufficient income and / or ability to be able to meet the obligations in addition to the own living expenditures.
- Furthermore, the same requirements that apply for employees or self-employed persons.

If interested please respond to the advertisement, you will receive an information package from us. It is not necessary to respond to each advertisement individually for this project. One response is sufficient.
We normally respond within two working days. Thank you in advance!


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