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Burgemeester Meineszstraat


€ 1.950,- excl.
Suitable for
4 persons
Available from
Contract term
a minimum of 12 months
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Perfect for 4 students/sharers! Spacious 7-room apartment at the Burgemeester Meineszstraat in the Delfshaven district for rent. The accommodation is rented in partly decorated condition and is situated on the second and third floor. The city centre is reachable in 8 minutes by bike and in 15 minutes by public transport. In short distance you can find several shops, restaurants and public transport connections.

Layout second floor:
- Large living room with built-in closets of ca. 15m².
- Bedroom of ca. 10m².
- Two extra rooms of each ca. 6m², ideal as study or storage room.
- Kitchen of ca. 6m².
- Hall of ca. 2m².
- Separate toilet of ca. 1m².
Layout third floor:
- Bedroom of ca. 10m².
- Bedroom of ca. 9m².
- Bedroom of ca. 7m².
- Bathroom of ca. 4m².
- Spacious hall of ca. 11m².
- Separate toilet of ca. 1m².

Various characteristics:
- Inventory/Decoration: the present laminate flooring can be taken over for free and does not belong to the apartment. It is partly in torn condition.
- Kitchen facilities: cooker, hood, fridge, freezer, dish washer and microwave-oven combination.
- Bathroom facilities: shower, washing basin and design-radiator.
- Heating facilities: central heating system.
- Window type: double glazing.
- Paid parking with residents parking permit.

- The monthly rent is € 1.950,-. Additional monthly costs consist of gas, water, electricity, internet, TV and municipal taxes and are estimated to be around € 175,- (without any guaranty).
- Applying for rent subsidy is not possible.
- The deposit equals € 1.950,-.
- Habitation is possible for a maximum of 4 persons who plan to share a household for the long term (Dutch: duurzaam gemeenschappelijk huishouden).
- The minimum rental period is 12 months.
- Smoking inside the accommodation is not permitted.
- Pets are not permitted.

Income requirement working people:
- Net income of 4 times the rent for 4 persons.
- For employees: a remaining term of employment of at least 10 months or a letter of intent for extension.
- For self-employed persons: a confirmation of income by an external accountant for the full past financial year and the current financial year (forecast).
- In other cases one may qualify with a guarantor, or a deposit which is increased by 1 to 2 months' rent.

Income requirement students:
- Renting by students is possible.
- Students can qualify with a guarantor or a deposit increased by 1 to 2 months' rent.

Income requirement guarantors:
- Living or working in the Netherlands.
- Sufficient income and / or ability to be able to meet the rental obligations in addition to the own living expenditures.
- Furthermore, the same requirements that apply for employees or self-employed persons.

- Please respond by e-mail. We will get back to you very soon. Rentals which are currently inhabited are rented online, with additional photos or videos. Rentals which are vacant can be viewed, taking into account the RIVM measures, but may also be rented online.


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